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Coronavirus COVID-19: Update

 3 July 2020 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

We are sure many of you who are due to travel to Africa are concerned about your travel plans and keen to know your options.  Currently, we are contacting those who are due to travel imminently but we hope to address everyone travelling in the next 60 days as...

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Perfect Proposal Spots

 5 February 2020 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

With Valentine’s day looming, where to propose might be an important consideration. There is no doubt being in Africa not only invigorates the senses but it also gives the heart strings a good pull. If you are looking to propose, or feel you might be vulnerable, there are plenty...

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Best Restaurants in Zanzibar

 25 November 2019 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Zanzibar has upped its game on the eating out front and there are some fantastic destination restaurants to stimulate your tastebuds whilst on the island. Fresh seafood, inventive salads and tasty pulses now top menus on the suitably named spice island previously known for its fish, rice and beans....

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10 Best Safari/National Parks to visit in Africa

 28 October 2019 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Quick synopsis of Safari&Beach’s recommended national parks and reserves to stay across the African continent: SERENGETI, TANZANIA – wide open plains, witness to annual wildebeest migration (shared with Masai Mara in Kenya), biggest skies, high population of all animals including predators, away from the crowds, mainly small tented camps...

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7 Reasons a Safari and Beach Holiday Makes the Perfect Honeymoon

 16 April 2019 |  [email protected] |  Safari and Beach News

You’ve said ‘I do’ to your best friend, you’ve got a freezer full of fruit cake and you’re now coming down from one of the happiest days of your life. But don’t worry, you’ve still got one of the best bits about getting married to look forward to –...

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Tips from a Safari First-Timer

 16 April 2019 |  [email protected] |  Safari and Beach News

This post was written by one of our clients, who recently returned from her first safari. She wanted to share some of her insights. My mum and I had been planning to visit Kenya for a couple of years, and had been trying and trying to find the right...

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Christmas on safari? Here’s my wishlist

 19 December 2018 |  Maxine Stevens |  Safari and Beach News

Christmas and New Year on Safari is such a special treat. You can leave the grey skies and dark days, the usual battle of who wants what and which family members you will keep happy this year. Avoid the Christmas traffic and chaos and fly away to an African...

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Want to go on safari? No idea where to start?

 29 November 2018 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Going on safari is without doubt one of the best holidays you will ever have.   However, for those who have always wanted to go but have never managed to get out to Africa, how do you get the right safari off the ground? Please do contact us as soon...

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Live from North Island

 24 October 2018 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

We are privileged to be staying at this wonderful island in the Seychelles archipelago and thought it only fair to share a few notes: Barefoot luxury to the extreme No shabby chic environmentally friendly stone unturned Perfectly attentive service Huge sense of fun and plenty to do All guests...

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What makes a luxury safari a luxury safari?

 11 October 2018 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Going on safari is a special holiday – for many the holiday of a life time.  However, for those seeking a genuine safari experience, the luxuries you might associate with a city or resort hotel might be somewhat different. There is no doubt we all have different views on...

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