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The Comprehensive Guide to What to Wear on Safari

 8 November 2018 |  [email protected] |  Honeymoon Safaris, Family Safaris

One of the first questions people ask after booking a safari is “what do I wear”? So we’ve put together some simple guidelines to help you out. What to wear on Safari Layers – the temperature can vary rather a lot, so pack light layers that you can double...

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Live from North Island

 24 October 2018 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

We are privileged to be staying at this wonderful island in the Seychelles archipelago and thought it only fair to share a few notes: Barefoot luxury to the extreme No shabby chic environmentally friendly stone unturned Perfectly attentive service Huge sense of fun and plenty to do All guests...

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What makes a luxury safari a luxury safari?

 11 October 2018 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Going on safari is a special holiday – for many the holiday of a life time.  However, for those seeking a genuine safari experience, the luxuries you might associate with a city or resort hotel might be somewhat different. There is no doubt we all have different views on...

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Looking for a perfect Family Safari?

 8 October 2018 |  Maxine Stevens |  Safari and Beach News

As the summer comes to and end, and what a summer we have had in the UK, with an amazing ‘Indian summer’ to end the season, here at Safari and Beach we wanted to take some time to reflect on the busiest season for travelling. As the children settle...

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Safari&Beach: The Word is Out

 29 September 2017 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

We were lucky enough to send a travel writer and her family to Tanzania and Zanzibar this summer.  They had a great time on a northern parks safari, with some great spots as the family searched for the big 5, with some luxury camping along the way.  The holiday...

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Family Safari – Beckham Style

 8 June 2017 |  Nick Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Family Safaris

Taking a family safari holiday has to be on everyone’s family holiday bucket list.  And so the Beckhams would agree.  Having just travelled to the Serengeti in Tanzania for a sneaky half term safari holiday this has to be one of their most memorable holidays. A family holiday in...

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Safari and Beach: The Holiday of a Lifestage

 6 June 2017 |  Safari Beach |  Safari and Beach News, Honeymoon Safaris, Family Safaris

A safari and beach holiday: wild adventures and creature comforts through to stunning beaches and barefoot chill-out. There is no other holiday mix like it.    There is no reason why a safari holiday has to be a once in a life time experience. Sure, it can be expensive, but it...

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The Great Wildebeest Migration

 29 May 2017 |  Safari Beach |  Safari and Beach News

The Safari and Beach guide to the Great Wildebeest Migration, one of nature’s most impressive displays. We believe this breathtaking event should be seen at least once in a lifetime – not just on television, but live and up close. What is it? The great wildebeest migration, often described as...

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Giraffe: a manner of speaking

 16 May 2017 |  Nick Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

The dumb giraffe.  Giraffe  have a voicebox but, due to their extraordinary long necks, it is thought the airflow make it difficult to make a sound.  Just as well they have such beautifully long eyelashes and kissable lips. Experience the Giraffe up close and personal at Giraffe Manor on...

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Special Offers

 10 January 2017 |  Jo Jenkins |  Special offers

Safari & Beach have many exclusive offers available you won’t find anywhere else. Some of Our Top Safari Offers… The Residence, Zanzibar Stay for 8 days half board from only £750 per person.  Luxury beach escape.  Great for couples and families alike.  More offers for honeymooners.  Book before 31...

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